Why Relying on Doctors and Therapists May Keep You Stuck in Pain?

I recently visited the doctor because I was feeling very sick. Now, I'm not someone who enjoys going to doctors because I dislike taking medication. However, I was really struggling, so I decided to seek help. I was inspired to do the very same thing I encourage my clients to do. I always remind them to connect with a higher power and hand over their struggles, trusting that divine intervention will guide them through me. So, an hour before my appointment, I sat on my prayer mat and turned to ...

Dreaming Your Miraculous Dreams

In the journey of life, our dreams are like beacons guiding us towards our true purpose. Recently, I had the privilege of listening to the captivating speaker Lisa Nichols, who shared profound insights on the art of dreaming your miraculous dream. In a world where setbacks and challenges are inevitable, Nichols' wisdom, drawn from the stories of iconic figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of perseverance, ...

Deep Gratitude 2023

My heart overflows with gratitude as tears of joy stream down my face. Today marks the completion of my final lesson in the online program, a significant milestone toward realizing one of my miracle intentions for 2023____

Choosing Heart Centered Service. From Ego to Essence

I'm thrilled to share a profound insight that struck me after an empowering live call within the Empowered Soul Service program. It all started with a question from one of our program members that left me pondering over a crucial aspect many of us grapple with – manifesting money.

Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Action and Humility

Many of us find ourselves in a cycle of self-discovery, constantly delving into our inner world. We've gained valuable knowledge, experienced profound healing, and accumulated wisdom, but the bridge from inner growth to external action remains elusive. We often find ourselves waiting for something, whether it's an increase in self-belief or trust. It's this very challenge that this blog aims to address.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Procrastination and Stubbornness

Title: Breaking Free from the Chains of Procrastination and Stubbornness: A Tale of Adam and Satan Part 1: The Forbidden Fruit and Deadly Passions Once upon a time, in a world of divine wonder and heavenly bliss, there existed two beings, Adam and Eve. These two souls were bestowed with boundless knowledge, untold wisdom, and the promise of eternal happiness. Yet, lurking in the shadows was the embodiment of temptation itself, a serpent, with a cunning tongue and a forbidden fruit. As the story ...

Purifying Your Inner Self. Be The Change the World Needs

At the heart of this reflection is the story of Adam and Eve, who ate the forbidden fruit. This act introduced the qualities of Satan – greed, jealousy, pride, and more – into their hearts. So, why did God cast them out of paradise? It wasn't His desire, but with these debasing qualities within, He had no choice. He sent them to Earth with a mission – to purify themselves

Healing the wound of 'Looking Out for others' - Embrace your Potential!

In the journey of life, sometimes, an unexpected message can trigger deep self-reflection and lead to a profound transformation. A message from an online friend triggered a deep reflection within me. The words struck a chord because, as a little girl, my father's focus was primarily on his family and friends. For a long time, this triggered anger within me, until I delved into some inner work. It was during this process that I realized my father carried a wound of not feeling wanted, a wound that led him to constantly do for others in the hope of being needed.

Ending world conflict start within

🌍 Embracing Inner Peace and Love as the Path to Global Harmony 🕊️ In a world fraught with turmoil and conflict, let's pause and reflect on the profound truth that the journey to global peace starts from within each and every one of us. I hold a firm belief that to put an end to the wars and turmoil that plague our planet, we must first address the battles raging within ourselves. This is where the foundation for global harmony is laid. Picture a world where every individual dedicates ...

Charge For Your Services Confidently

Do you ever feel like you need to keep doing inner work, continually healing yourself, or becoming a better version of yourself before you can confidently charge for your services? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️


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