Do You Feel Like You Have Some Important Work To do Here On Earth?


Well, You’re In The Right Place!

Calling in all spiritually oriented women, creatives, empaths, HSP, Healers, Intuitives, and lightworkers,  anyone who has this enormous pull towards helping others, leaving a legacy, and creating a profitable business serving humanity with their healing and creative gifts.  

Are you feeling stuck or held back from living a free, happy, and successful life?

Do you desire more than anything to stop people-pleasing or being a caretaker and pursue your dreams and passions?

Book a free breakthrough Call, and uncover your number one block in pursuing your passions and the steps needed to live life to yourself and your mission on earth! 

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Does This Sound Like You?

You are feeling stuck or trapped by having too many responsibilities in pursuing your dreams and you have no energy or drive to fulfill your passions in life.

You feel not good enough or unworthy of deserving a happy life.

You are struggling with the need to overgive, overdo or have this need to fix or save others.

You wish you could stand up for yourself, tell others how you feel, and say no without feeling guilty.

You tend to follow the crowd and are unable to think or make decisions for yourself. This leaves you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in life.

You have big dreams, but fears of being successful and being judged by others hold you back from living an abundant life.

You have done self-improvement work on yourself, but feel as if the transformation doesn't last.

Hi And Welcome

I am Mariam Safla

As a Shadow Transformation Coach, aka Ghostbuster! I thrive in supporting my clients to bring the dark parts of themselves into the light so that they can take responsibility for their own happiness and success, stop people pleasing or having the need to sacrifice their happiness for others, and pursue their passions. I help them to step into their full worth and potential so that they can live a blissfully rich life serving their legacy work with ease and grace!

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As A Spiritually Orientated Woman, A Lover, And A Seeker Of Truth ...

I have struggled with all of the above. Our nature to help others tend to override our judgment of what feels true for us. I used so much of my time and energy on others with little or no compensation. I felt depleted and even resentful at times.

My ability to absorb the emotions and thoughts of others made me think that was what I wanted so I would never be true to myself and my needs and desires. After uncovering my empath nature, healing my inner child, working on my shadows, and doing deep generational and ancestral healing. I now am standing at my full worth and ever-deepening potential. 

With authority, I can let others know when they are crossing the line and stay true to what feels right for me and what gives me joy. I am fearlessly serving my healing gifts and healing modality internationally via my online coaching business. My approach is to help you change your focus from a life of lack and despair to one with limitless possibilities. Uncover the message in your greatest mess and confidently share it with the world.

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Why Me?

I have done extensive transformation work on myself surrendering not only my shadow traits but also the deadly passions & ego traits that prevent us from living from our divine essence! I am persistent in holding the highest vibration and light for my client so that you can find the deepest level of transformation in a much shorter time than it took me. 

I believe that spiritually orientated women, creative healers light workers suffer from intense soul contracts, ancestral curses, and witch wounds of being harmed and judged for what they do. And TO ACHIEVE LASTING RESULTS AND BE FREE to serve our life mission we do need to heal on this deep level. 

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Why Do I Care So Much And My Values?

I get so much joy when I see my clients hold compassion for those who have done them wrong because they see the role they have played and understand the bigger purpose behind it.

Work With Me

Below is a list of my services, supporting one to move from a place of feeling stuck, or trapped in pursuing their passions, to becoming free to in living an abundant life true to their needs and aligned to a higher purpose.  

My more advanced programs support one to step into their boss lady's shoes and selflessly serve their legacy work with their unique healing modality that brings in consistent income and impact for them!

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