6 Modules

Session 1 - Akashic Record Reading and Intention clarity

The Akashic Records is the a storehouse of information in a non-physical plane of existence, which maintains a record of every soul’s past, present, and future. 

Session 2 - Uncovering a Shadow.

Spiritual teacher Caroline Myss explains, Our shadows are like parts of ourself—When these parts are are in the light, you can work with them to bring your greatest gifts to the world. When they’re hiding in your Shadow, they can sabotage all your good intentions and cause suffering to yourself and others.

Intention of this process is to bring those parts of us we are not aware off and that are sabotaging our growth and that are causing suffering to ourselves and others..... into the light, so that we can bring our best gifts to the world and live our greatest potential!!!! 

Session 3 - Integration/ Nurturing - using the lift process

The Lift Process is supporting one to connect with the feeling vibration of your Aligned vision that we are moving towards and helping you create structures to help you make it your reality.

We create an environment that is congruent with your vision. 

This is a teaching from one of my most influential teachers. - Derek Rydal!

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