Clients Success on recognizing their Empath nature + a tapping script!

A client uncovered her empath ability of how she absorbed the energy from old photos of a member of her family and how that impacted her life after working on my Let Go and Live Program.

Another client uncovered her ability to absorb energy from objects and has become more aware of her Empath nature of absorbing the emotions and energy of the people around her.

In my program, we work on integrating the shadow patterns that make us take unhealthy roles in our life. And we become EMPOWERED EMPATHS!

We Learn to bring in the new mindsets needed to make that switch as well as shine the light on the new reality we desire.

Example of the transformation a client received, with a tapping script to support their new programming anchoring at home.

You may use this script for yourself as well

RATE YOUR STATE OF BEING BEFORE TAPPING. Ask how I feel in regard to absorbing negative energies or emotions from others?

Then tap on the words below, and adjust as needed........................

Even though I could feel and absorb the negative emotions from these photos. I could feel their sadness. I could feel how they acted happy but deep inside, were not. I absorbed their negative relationship with money and felt the weight of taking so much responsibility. I am now choosing to love forgive and accept myself. (YOU MAY TAP ON THIS 3 TIMES)

I now see how I also took on the same role in my life. How I blocked my own passions and joy, even my sexuality. I am choosing to love forgive and accept myself. I am grateful for my healing, my intuition has opened, and I can now see clearly my true way of being. I now see the power of the mind and I am choosing to bring a balance to everything. I am choosing to release all these decisions I made that are not serving me. I am now choosing to take full responsibility for my life experiences. I let it all go. I am thankful for all my experiences and lessons learned. I choose to not live in another's shadow. I now see that our children are not an extension of us. You are your own person. I am standing in that TRUTH. I see how I projected their helplessness on me. I am giving it back to them or may it go back to its source to be transformed to love, light, joy, and laughter for all. I am not their shadow. I am my own person. I release this shadow. I am gaining knowledge of my empath ability. And how I take on others' shadows. If I take others' shadows then it's possible I also project my shadow on others. I am choosing to manage this empathy of mine in a healthier way. I am choosing to create healthy boundaries. I am choosing to stay in my own person. I am expressing the power of saying not now confidently. I am telling people when I am not happy. I let them know I don't like these habits. If they are things I don't like, I tell the person without fear. I am becoming colorful, feeling light and less manly. I am just being feminine. light, happy, and strong. I am choosing to take time daily to breathe and bring myself to the present and find some stillness so I can become more aware and be more mindful. I am choosing to focus on being myself and not having all to be perfect. I am choosing a healthier way - To be like a butterfly. To be light, To take things lightly. To give things time to develop. They are no need for resentment, only acceptance.... and SO IT IS! AND SO IT IS AND SO IT IS!.


These words I share above are the transformations my clients are receiving when working with me + the extra support scripts to assist them further. These clients come to me feeling stuck, trapped to pursue their dreams and passions, and unaware of the true nature of being an empath. They leave having activated their Intuition and healing gifts. They have much more understanding of their empath ability. They embody new mindsets and programming to assist them in living the life they so desire and doing the work most important to them and so much more.....


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