Client Love

Client Love

This is what some of our past clients have to say

Mariam thinks and sees with her heart and pushes us firmly and gently into what it is that we’re desiring to see truly.

- Glenda

Mariam's instincts and nonjudgmental approach help one to uncover their greatest potential and the way she makes them believe in themselves helps them easily to push forward in the right direction.

- Khoorshid

"She enriches the healing work and boosts us to stay accountable. She keeps some continuation of what we have achieved and helps us to embrace it in moving forward."

- Leni

Mariam is excellent at tuning into energy at a deep level to reveal what is there, what needs releasing, and being able to do release work for her clients. She is extremely invested in providing the deepest level of healing for her clients"

- Charlotte

Mariam listens with patience and her intuitive abilities allow her to connect with authenticity. Her dedication is the cherry on the top 

- Zarina

Mariam is constantly working on herself and actively using her skills, knowledge and your intuition to grow & evolve on a soul level. She is also a good listener, and have an abundance of compassion ❤️

- Cindy

Mariam works according to each person's capability, she works with each individual helping them to release and accomplish what they need."

- Shaheen

Your gentle and expert nature helped push me to heal my deepest core beliefs, and you knew exactly how to navigate the therapy through all the sessions I had with you and it all flowed very eloquently. Thanks to you I feel a lot more emotionally in control of myself and I’m no longer reacting to what would trigger me in the past."


She does not make everything rosy. She tells the individual if she thinks they are wrong so they can learn from their mistakes.

- Sarah

I felt so safe working with you, I felt heard and understood. You have this enormous amount of love that you give out which is beautiful. You listen without judgment and you hold a safe space for the inner work to happen"

- Maria

Mariam will keep going even if there's minimal engagement from her client based on where they might be on their healing journey. Her dedication is the cherry on the top

- Zarina

"Mariam has a multidimensional approach and has expertise in a large variety of holistic disciplesHer deeply impacting processes project into long term benefits Her calm & soothing voice instantaneously helps to ease one & help them open up to receive the healing."

- Shireen

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