Ever feel like your limbs are chained up and you cannot do what you are longing to?

You feel an emptiness like there is so much more to you and life but this feeling of helplessness just keeps you stuck.

This is how I felt for many years,  In fact, at times I would get a vision of myself sitting in a wheelchair and feel as if someone had done something to harm me in some way.  I constantly visited doctors and spiritual healers thinking something was seriously wrong with me. I experienced challenging relationships with my spouse and in-laws.   

I am so happy to mention that my doctor whom I visited after many years even acknowledged and was so amazed at how well I looked presently. He even reminisced about the times I came to him in the past and mentioned how worried he was about me. 


With deep gratitude, I am standing strong in my worth and potential, shining my light brightly, and serving my unique healing gifts to clients all over the world. I understand the root of my bodily pain better and have found helpful tools to manage it.

My relationships with my spouse and in-laws have improved tremendously.  As I strongly believe in this verse from the Quraan

"God does not change the condition of man until he changes what is in themselves" - (13:11)

And, If I could break free from my fears of being harmed and judged for what I do,  coming from a very closed-minded society and a very religious, almost fanatic background, So Can You!

Are you also feeling stuck in this endless cycle of making others happy, worrying about what others need, and people-pleasing that you have no time to create your happy and rich life?

I hated this so much about my dad, I felt that he gave all his time to his friends and family, making them happy, and fulfilling their needs, and didn't use that time and energy to create a successful life for himself and his family. I was angry and every part of me wanted to be free from these traits. Little did I know how ingrained this co-dependency pattern was in me. I would give so much of my time and energy regarding my healing and coaching knowledge to people, family, and friends with very little and most of the time even no compensation. 

I am grateful to have transformed many of my codependency patterns and have found my balance regarding my helping nature.

I have stepped more into my worth and potential, healing my core beliefs of not feeling good enough and not deserving. 

I am now confidently offering my packages to my audience and charging a fair price for them!

It's time to say goodbye to making others happy, and people-pleasing, and hello to living your successfully rich life and leaving a legacy, doing the work you were created for!

Are you Game???

I get it, it does sound impossible or feel like just a dream that will never come true for you. You're just not that special or made for it! Well, this is how many of our great leaders have felt, Oprah Winfrey came from a poverty-stricken home. She went through abuse, running away from home, falling pregnant at 14 and so much more, yet she became the host of the number-one talk show in the world.

They are so many examples similar to hers and they are now living their dream life, serving their calling and making lots of money too.  

If they could, So Can You! 

It is these examples that motivate me to keep going every day! 

It's time for you to step into your full potential, shine your light, and attract the people who you are meant to work with and gladly pay you for your service!

Imagine a life where you are pursuing your dreams, passion, and true purpose in life, free from fear of what others think or say about you. You feel an inner joy you cannot explain, that motivates you and aligns you to living your blissfully rich life!

Let's get you free from your fears of sharing your unique healing and creative gifts and start your online business making an impact and income-changing lives!

What if I told you that your sensitive nature holds powerful gifts,

and your true fulfillment lies in activating these hidden gifts and serving them to the world? 

Understanding my Empath nature, activating my healing gifts to manage it, and embracing my sensitivity as my superpower was when everything turned for me.

I stopped visiting doctors and spiritual healers and started becoming clearer and more focused in life. I learned how to protect myself from energy vampires and keep my energy at an optimum level.

I am most grateful to have learned to stop having this need to people please,  fix or save others, and instead direct my valuable time and energy in creating a happy and successful life for myself and my family!

I believe we are all deserving to live our happy, rich, and successful life without feeling guilty or bad for it! I believe we can achieve this if we heal our codependency traits and make our needs and dreams a priority!

I also believe in our greatest mess lies our message to share with the world, and I have found that when we heal our struggles on an ancestral and generational level we open the path to doing our lifework and leaving a legacy!

You get to Magically Thrive!  You Shine from the Inside, Out!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you are up early every morning with a clear head and focus?

You are crystal clear on purpose and vision in life and taking aligned actions towards it.

You are filled with blissful gratitude, peace, joy, and a great sense of contentment for having fully surrendered and allowing grace to serve through you.

You are attracting clients who are perfectly aligned to work with you and lovingly pay you your price.

Some fun talk about me!

A great lover of all things nature. I have hiked up with my family to many waterfalls in my country My dream is to visit all the great wonders of the world, especially all the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.  

I feel birds talk to me. I love awakening to the sounds of birds. and enjoy interpreting the sound they make

In my free time, you will probably find me watching a movie or reading a book.

I am a romantic at heart, all about magic and fairytales, and I get great joy, sitting with a cup of tea, on a rainy day watching a love story movie

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