More authentic and trusting her voice and gifts - Jabeen

want to express so so so much gratitude for Mariam & her work. I was constantly looking for certificates & high-ticket programs thinking more money meant more transformation. But Mariam truly amazed me & changed me! Every time I do deep healing with Mariam, my energy changes, I find new confidence, my natural intuitive gifts are activated & I get a new client. It's like they are sent from God so I can practice my healing work & challenge myself. I always wonder why her work is so powerful. It's because she is authentic & dedicated to her mission. I have worked with a lot of people & who hold information back from their clients. But Mariam never does! She's a true spiritual teacher. She does constant inner work for her clients behind the scenes. Sadly most healers & coaches don't do that. If anyone of you has been meaning to work with Mariam Safla please do so. I went through her programs & my life has changed so much already! It has helped me personally + also with my business. I've landed so many opportunities after I started working with her. I just received a call to facilitate a corporate workshop!!! This is all because she helped me accept myself as a light worker. I cannot recommend Mariam to all lightworkers finding it difficult to be authentic & trust their voice & gifts & also difficulties in getting aligned clients. - Jabeen Qadri

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