I can now express myself effortlessly - Shireen

I had an intuitive healing session with Mariam and made the decision to free myself from the limiting patterns that were holding me back in living my best life and invested in her program. Let go and Live! I was struggling with feeling stuck and overwhelmed with too much of responsibilities. Everything felt too difficult & effortful. I was unable to share my gifts and my throat felt tied up! I was so frustrated at having the tools & knowledge yet unable to break through this feeling of worthlessness and feeling like an imposter. It was costing me my time, money, and joy. I desired to feel light like a butterfly🦋. Heal my body pains, have mental clarity, be more emotionally empowered, and be more in my femininity.  

Some of my results at the end of the program were;

I found a deeper & broader awareness. My work methods eased up and I felt this lightness of moving from one state to another. Just like a butterfly!

My intuition was activated and I started getting some clarity on my purpose.

My health improved to such a degree that I kept 29 fasts this Ramadan, which was unimaginable before. 

My relationships drastically improved. I became more patient with my mom. My husband has become so much more understanding. I also started having better relationships with my kids. 

I can now express to a person of authority an important point effortlessly.

I have more trust and feel more connected. I am surrendering to Allah Taala by Letting go & letting God.

"I have become more proactive now on a consistent basis and had some amazing money manifestation even though my financial matters are still on a healing path."

I was supported to learn my method of staying calm during episodes of panic around me, I was gifted with my own healing light to use during these challenging times. I also received a sword of light as a spiritual gift. This has given me the courage to stand up to any form of abuse or injustice! I was consistently shown my true nature as a light warrior during the program. 

I made a connection to my true life mission and that is to help women activate their sword of light, unleash the inner warrior, and become self-reliant. 

If you want to untangle yourself, time & effort powerfully & resourcefully, then Mariam Safla is your ticket to get it done faster, easier & better. Her Vigilance, website & documents, and content are all in place. She gives her 1000%  commitment. Her session of 90minutes used to last 3+ hours, I believe  Mariam to be great at handling ancestral issues and spiritual healing. If in one word I would describe my transformation in working in her program, it would be Calmness & Inner peace - Shireen Khan. (04/22)


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