My ability to forgive and resolve relationships has increased - Hiba

At the beginning of working with Mariam in her program Let Go and Live, I was struggling with judgments from family and society and needing approval about being on my spiritual path and doing my artwork.  I was also unable to follow a straight line, always spiraling here & there.  I was being bombarded with negativity and I was most frustrated that whatever I'm saying is not believed until it comes from an authority figure. These struggles were costing me my sanity to live and I felt guilty about being my true self

I desired to be kind, and loving, to be able to appreciate people and their good qualities. To be connected with my own truth rather than societal conditioning and to connect to Allah and His orders for me. I also wanted clarity on my soul calling and spiritual gifts and to be free from negative attacks.

I found most progress in regard to my Emotional Well-being. From being angry and resentful I went to being forgiving and loving my family. I was able to find deep forgiveness. My ability to forgive and resolve relationships has increased.  I realized forgiveness is the key that opens the door to love, mercy, and good health.

I also have some clarity on my purpose and what are my healing gifts and have made pleasing the Creator by letting go of my ego and serving people out of loving my priority. I feel happy to have connected with my favorite things.

I have learned - that I have the power to choose my words & tone of voice.  To let go of blame, forgive and take responsibility, and that I chose this life and its lessons before taking birth. I have become more positive and hopeful of things changing as before I felt things will never change. 

I now embody the new identity of Being less judgemental to others, and more compassionate, and I can turn things around by changing my attitude towards it.

Some Specific Results:

In regard to my empath nature and creating healthy boundaries - I realized that boundaries are essential and one needs to tend to their own self and feel good about that. I was also supported to uncover my healing light tool to assist with negativity around me 

In regard to the negative hold and attachments - Even though I am still dealing with the negative attacks.  I have let go of the constant anger 

In regard to feeling safe and supported - I was supported to connect to my inner guides and support team. Mariam's presence also makes one feel so safe and supported during the program

In regard to speaking my truth and being true to myself - I owned my passions and didn't allow others to make me doubt myself.

In regard to feeling worthy and deserving of happiness and success - I have definitely stepped more in my worth after doing this program as well and feel very happy to have connected with my favorite things.

In regards to activating my spiritual gifts -  I have made a connection with my intuition, healing modality as well as purpose.

In regard to a deeper connection with Source - I stopped judging people and let go of those parts of myself that used to judge others. I trust this was the first step needed for me to start developing a better relationship with God

Some of my fears, shadows, and limiting beliefs were transformed -  Fears of my family in following a spiritual path. That my worth is dependent on grades. Now I am becoming confident about my spiritual nature, and self-worth, and also coming from my internal self rather than external achievements.

I would absolutely recommend Mariam and her programs.  She is free of judgments no matter what you going through or have to heal, she is lovely. I was a bit skeptical about discussing topics that as a Muslim you feel you are not allowed to discuss, but she made me feel validated. I loved Everything about the program, the intention setting, the healing sessions, and the follow-up action steps. My favorite was the Journey process. It was lovely connecting to my own self with eyes closed and getting the answers from within. I found the shadow process also very good. We get to know where we are creating these things which are not allowing us to move forward in life What I love most about Mariam and her program are her lovely spirit and polite voice. Also having done her own inner work, she is able to support us to face the parts of us we are unable to face ourselves!

If in one word if you were to describe your transformation after doing the program, it would be Phenomenal - Hiba

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