Having a strong spine to stand true to myself and my desires - Charlotte

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Structure of Program;

I first got on a Free Breakthrough Call were I received much insight and guidance on the root of my challenges I signed up to work with Mariam and was provided with some pre-work forms to fill that assisted me with having clarity on exactly were I was at the beginning of the program and on staying committed.

Session 1 - I was guided to set powerful intentions and aided with actions to take take that will assist me in getting the best of the healing and journey processes. I was supported to activate a radiant light within me that aided me to keep negative people out of my energetic circle and stop the need to be in defensive mode.

Session 2 - Mariam facilitated an energy healing session to support me in releasing the negative attachment and ancestral pattern of living in lack and having no drive and motivation. She further supported me to align with my deep desires and vision of my life. I felt like the captain of my own ship, moving forward, steering my life in the direction I so will and desire.

Session 3 - Mariam followed up and helped me anchor and deepen the work we did even more strongly. My results thus far were, that I started feeling solid in my own space, and felt greater. Inner strength to stand true for what you want. I felt so motivated to complete my room decorations and some outdoor deep cleaning. I started feeling joy, pleasure, and awe, I realized that had never felt these emotions in a long time.

Session 4 - Mariam facilitated a closed-eye visualization and guided me through many layers of my heavy emotions and a deep feeling of unworthiness until I reached an expansive radiant light with a deep sense of belonging, love, and support. A place of feeling so loved, spacious, and relaxed. We uncovered the past memory responsible for my struggles and feeling unworthy. I was guided to make peace and experience a very deep level of forgiveness on all levels. My greatest takeaway from this session is that I am worthy and I do not need to live from or make decisions from a place of not feeling worthy.

An amazing transformation I experienced after this session, is when someone recently tried to emotionally manipulate me to drop a boundary I was able to stay true to myself and hold my boundary. Previously, such emotional manipulation tactics would have had a visceral hit in my lower abdomen and back which would have resulted in me being vulnerable and struggling to stay strong and true to myself.

Session 5 - We ended the program by anchoring my new identity and creating some structures and habits to maintain this new identity. I left feeling so worthy, that I feel this alone will free me of fear of being un-supportive and judging people....and fear of failure. I now hold a new identity of someone with a strong spine, strength, knowing what she wants, knowing she can have it, and knowing she is worthy and deserving. Before working with Mariam, I was feeling vulnerable and limited by the external circumstances in my life. I was waiting for things to calm down in my personal life.

Now I am feeling determined to move forward in my business knowing that I have much more resilience with whatever comes up in my personal life.

I have embodied new empowering mindsets and beliefs such as:

When I speak about my desires without attachment and expectation, I find the solution or support.

Stay in your own worth, and people that do not match the vibration leave your presence.

I no longer compromise my values for others

I look at all aspects of person's lives and their values before I make a decision

I am so worthy exactly as I am and in living in alignment

I am free of the fear that being in relationship with others will make me vulnerable or betray myself anymore.

I am worthy to share my needs and desires.


I am feeling so much freer and lighter and less Lethargic. My body, especially my lower spine feels more solid and stronger emotionally to withstand the hostility I experience in life. The result of that is that I am feeling more motivated.

My increased self-worth has left me less fearful of what others think of me, and less needy for any external validation. I am truly grateful because I feel that resilience to judgment will make it so much easier to share my truth and purpose with the world!


"What I liked most about the structure of the program, is the depth we could go to due to the length of sessions. I am truly grateful for Mariam and her amazing coaching and healing abilities. If in one word I were to describe my transformation after doing the program, it would be, Strength."

- Charlotte Watson

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