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Well you know how some people struggle with feeling held back by their loved ones or by society and culture...........

🙅‍♀️They feel they cannot do or will be judged for the things they want to pursue

.🙍‍♀️They feel difficult to express themselves and speak up for what they want

.🤷‍♀️They have a low self esteem and don't feel worthy of love, happiness or success

.🙋‍♀️They are like a Yes boss..... They do everything to please others and forgot to take care of themselves

.🙇‍♀️They have body pain, mental illness and lack energy and motivation to do anything because of the effects that jealousy and curses have on them....

🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️Well with my highly awakened intuitive gifts and superpowers

.👩‍⚖️I help them;To stop feeling like a doormat and live the life they were meant to have

.👩‍🎤To express their unique voice and confidently share their desires

.👩‍🎨To confidently step in their creative and spiritual gifts and not give a fuh of what others think

.👮‍♀️To keep the peace in their relationships an avoid conflict by being true to themselves

.👩‍🚀To step more into their self-worth and reach for the skies, knowing they are deserving of their greatest dreams and desires

.👸To give themselves permission to be the queen they truly are and confidently show up as a leader in their field of expertise..




.👼I do all of this by helping you heal your innner-child and past childhood traumas so you cultivate moreinner-joy and abundance

.🧚‍♀️Bringing in my magical and unique combinations of soul work from the Akashic Records and by using different healing and Journeying processes

..👩‍🌾I help one dig deep under the surface level were ones deepest blocks and resistances are and gently help you bring awareness to your deeper truths.

Lesson Activity

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Clients Feedback .

“Mariam, you bring about a magical and unique combination of what our soul work and patterns are, from the Akashic Records and by using different Journeying and Healing processes. You help us dig deep under the surface levels where our deepest blocks and resistances are. You do this deep dive into our soul and help us become aware of our deepest truths, with the opportunity for us to release, heal and be free! You helped me released what was holding me back in living more from freedom and trust and helped me gain clarity on my mission and purpose. Things that were no more aligned to me started falling off, or I got to re-evaluate it. Your program helped me align to my legacy work !!”

"Lord have mercy, don't let Mariam's sweet face fool you.  This woman is a force to be reckoned with.  I did a session with her today and it was like a wrecking ball coming in and knocking over all the false foundations I'd built my life on.  Not that this is a bad thing, but Good Lord, this woman is a powerhouse!  Never in my life have I experienced anything quite like it." - Amy.

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