"I had an amazing Mariams Intuitive Healing and Guidance Session with Mariam Safla. I went into it with an open mind, not really sure what to expect. I had no idea how powerful and healing the session would be. It was lots of fun as well as powerful. This session is sort of a clearing before we can do deeper shadow work. From what I experienced in this, I can only imagine how powerful the shadow work sessions with Mariam are. She is the genuine article, a true healer. Miriam, thank you for sharing your gifts with our community. Much appreciated! "- Amy 

"I had a healing session with Mariam Safla and it was absolutely amazing, I felt fully grounded and she completed all the loose nodes until all was cleared for me...Before the session I was feeling worried, scared, and confused, I really wanted help with healing the wounded feminine of my family lineage and I needed clarity regarding my relationship struggles. I booked a Mentoring and Intuitive Guidance Session with Mariam. Instead, Mariam facilitated a process that took me into my Akashic records to uncover the soul/past life pattern that is the root of my present struggles and the family feminine wound that I am carrying within me. She held space and energy for me so I could do all the processes I needed to gain clarity, direction, peace, and support. I felt complete relief after her guidance and healing. I now feel that I can take care of myself and my life and I understand my situation with much clarity. I'm working on integrating who I now know that I want to be. I would definitely recommend booking an Akashic Journeying Process with Mariam, she is an amazing healer, guide, and mentor. Our session was absolutely beautiful. I left feeling fully grounded and with many tools and resources to support me, integrate my healing, and know that I am safe and supported. An energy link was also created at the end of our session for me to continue the ancestral healing of my family's feminine wound. I am grateful for this session. Thank you Mariam Safla."  🥰🙏 - Gina Cardenas.

This session is a guided visualization that takes you into the depths of your soul to uncover a past life memory that you chose to come to earth to heal and transcend. These memories are the real reasons behind your life struggles and when you access them and we do the healing work it becomes so much easier to make peace and forgive. You have clarity of the lessons you need to learn because of that struggle as well as see the people who have hurt you like your teachers. Once you make this switch and receive the energetic clearing, things in your physical reality will rapidly start transforming for you. You will be given homework to integrate the healing for the next 21 days so as to be fully complete. 

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