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AMAZING OFFER - Make Peace with Your Grief!

Watch the training - How our thoughts keep us stuck and learn more about what to expect from

My Make Peace with Your Grief!

A powerful yet affordable service that helps one to heal a deep pain or grief, and open up to love and live again. Supporting one to take the steps in creating a more happier and fulfilling life true to their needs and desires. 

This offer is for you;

If you are feeling stuck in moving forward after a breakup, grief over a death of a loved one, divorce, or the sadness of being betrayed by your partner. (any Loss)

You are feeling blocked in finding true love, in loving yourself or your partner. 

You feel it's time to let go of the heartache and release the energetic knots that are holding you back from true love, peace, and happiness!

And, deep down, you have this knowing that this pain is asking you to start living a more purposeful life!

Are you ready to heal your grief, make peace with the painful memories and learn the lessons this struggle is here to teach you?


Book my Make Peace With Your Grief!

Package Includes;

  • 5 x 75 min sessions 
  • Email write-up of the session 
  • Whatsapp/messenger accountability
  • Distant Healing!
  • 1 x bonus follow-up session after 3 weeks of completion of package
  • You may request if you would like the sessions recorded!

Client Reviews

"I was overwhelmed with the loss of a parent and needed help dealing with my emotions. Alhamdulillah, at the end of our grief session, I started feeling so much better and at peace with myself. Mariam empowered me with how to use the 99 names of Allah and draw Allah's help. I left the session with a new empowered mindset, that I need to do what makes me happy and not worry about what anyone else has to say. I recommend working with Mariam so that one can get professional assistance to deal with their emotions. She has a good way of making the client comfortable so that they can open up and speak about what is bothering them. Her grief sessions made a big difference for me and helped me step away from the lost reserved girl into a more confident young woman”. - Hanah

Beautiful Mariam! Thank You for the deep and meaningful grief work that you helped me through the loss of my baby Harry. You really helped to release and surrender and that led to my beautiful rainbow baby, and now my baby to become in 3 weeks. You will always have a special place in my heart - Cindy 

I had a lot of fears that were subconsciously stopping me. But after working with the amazing healer and coach Mariam Safla I feel so FREE from my fears of success and freedom - Jabeen

Book Your Spot Now 

Only one spot available - Cost - $297/SA R4500

Whatsapp: Mariam 

+27 083 786 9750

P.S. - The package has changed since the video was created.  As I worked with clients, I found it essential to add 2 more sessions so as to integrate any shadows that were created during the traumatic childhood memory uncovered.

The Package now cost only  $297 for 6 sessions with me

A great bargain 

Hurry and book your space

Book Here - https://hnbzone.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/1129393

 ONLY 5 spots are available - then the price goes up!

Mariam Safla - Intuitive transformation Coach

Helping one get laser-focused direction and purpose in life, staying true to their feeling and intuition!


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