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Amy from the beautiful Florida Keys Sharing her life-changing experience working in my programs. From feeling stuck and desperate and unable to get out of bed and fulfill all her ideas. she stepped into being a leader and started her own club with over 100 families! She shares how she was supported to unleash her mission in life, her light being, and awakened many dormant and powerful healing gifts. Healing many childhood traumas that kept her small and past life memories of persecution and not being allowed to use her gifts. She feels so confident in shining her light, sharing her voice, and pursuing her true passion of being a voice for the Native American to be remembered by her storytelling.

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I highly recommend Mariam Binte Ismail Safla!! Her work is phenomenal. She helped me so much! With her help, I was able to see where I was feeling stuck and now I feel more free. Her constant encouragement has helped me create a positive relationship with money. Rosalba

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