Blog Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Action and Humility

Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Action and Humility


 Unleashing Your Potential: The Power of Action and Humility


Welcome to a profound insight inspired by a live session in the Empowered Soul Service program. In this blog, we'll explore the journey from self-discovery to action, discover the reasons behind our reluctance to act, and learn how to transform ourselves to serve our life's purpose.

Many of us find ourselves in a cycle of self-discovery, constantly delving into our inner world. We've gained valuable knowledge, experienced profound healing, and accumulated wisdom, but the bridge from inner growth to external action remains elusive. We often find ourselves waiting for something, whether it's an increase in self-belief or trust. It's this very challenge that this blog aims to address.

The Inspiration: Deadly Passions and the Story of Adam and Satan

Our journey begins with the Enneagram's nine deadly passions, inspired by the story of Adam, Satan, and God. Satan's refusal to bow down to Adam reflected his stubbornness, arrogance, and pride.  Our inaction also holds its roots deep in possessing these deadly traits. 

The Deadly Trait of Procrastination

Our stubbornness that was born from childhood trauma activates this trait of Procrastination, which then hinders our progress. When we procrastinate, we hold ourselves back from taking action, often waiting for the perfect moment that may never come.

Unveiling the Connection

Consider the story of Satan. Before his fall from grace, he was a beloved figure in God's eyes. However, his pride, arrogance, and stubbornness led to his downfall. These traits, pride and stubbornness, often manifest in us and act as major barriers to taking action.

The Birth of Deadly Passions

When Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit, they took into themselves the seeds of these deadly passions. As a result, they were expelled from paradise, leaving behind the purity of heaven due to the negativity now within them. Their purpose shifted to purifying themselves of these deadly sins, a purpose shared by all of humanity.

Connecting the Dots

Adam, chosen to hold all the knowledge of the world, embodies the potential within each of us. This knowledge, a divine seed, is the basis of your true potential. In essence, this knowledge is not truly yours; it is the divine's knowledge manifesting through you. To realize your purpose, you must align yourself with this knowledge.

Your Task: Uncovering Your Legacy

So, what is your true potential? What legacy lies within you, waiting to be manifested? This is where your inner work plays a crucial role. By choosing peace over negative emotions, you open yourself to recognizing this legacy. The clearer your vision of this seed, the more you can align yourself with it.

Becoming a Source of Abundance

By serving your purpose and manifesting your legacy, you are of service to God's creation. This is the true essence of abundance – being a conduit through which blessings flow to others. To do this, you must grant yourself permission to embrace this abundance.

In my Empowered Soul Service program, The first module is dedicated to granting yourself permission to embrace your true potential and abundant self, and as the program progresses you dive deeper into covering that seed, planting it, and taking aligned and consistent action in making it your reality, being of service to God by providing value and abundance to Gods Creation.


In this blog, we've delved into the profound insight that can unlock your true potential and propel you towards your life's work. Remember that the journey from self-discovery to action necessitates embracing discomfort, being of service to God's creation, and radiating abundance. By taking small, uncomfortable steps, you bridge the gap and nurture your true potential, bringing you closer to the life's work you are destined to fulfill. Your dedication to this transformative journey will lead you to your purpose and the realization of your untapped potential.

So, are you willing to embrace the discomfort and start planting your legacy? Book a free clarity to uncover how my services are dedicated to providing your transformation, energy work, and intuitive coaching to pursue your passions and live your abundant life being in full service -

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