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Empowered Soul Service Blueprint

Empowered Soul Service Program

For Soulful Coaches and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You've already done significant inner work and found profound healing and freedom from life's difficult challenges. Now, you are ready to serve from the soul, monetize your healing and creative by providing a valuable transformation for your client

But here's the truth: You're struggling.

    • Gaining momentum in building a successful online business seems like an uphill battle.
    • Every step forward in your life or business goals feels like taking two steps back.
    • Self-doubt creeps in, making you question your abilities and the value you bring.
    • Despite numerous business courses, you struggle to confidently monetize your transformative services.
    • Maintaining focus on your business priorities is a constant struggle.
    • Prioritizing others over yourself, difficulty saying no, and getting easily distracted by what's not important.

    Hello, I am Mariam, and I've been where you are.

    As an empath, spiritual worker, and sensitive soul, I understand these obstacles all too well. I've faced challenges in focusing, maintaining energy, and establishing strong boundaries. But the turning point came when I decided to prioritize my dreams and purpose over everything else.

    My life and business took a drastic turn when I made that decision. It led me to invest in aligned programs, create my signature programs, and consistently serve clients online for the past two years. My clients have witnessed amazing results:

    Testimonial from Jabeen: “I was constantly looking for certificates & high-ticket programs thinking more money meant more transformation. But Mariam truly amazed me & changed me! Every time I do deep healing with Mariam, my energy changes, I find new confidence, my natural intuitive gifts are activated & I get a new client. I always wonder why her work is so powerful. It's because she is authentic & dedicated to her mission. I've landed so many opportunities after I started working with her. This is all because she helped me accept myself as a light worker. I cannot recommend Mariam to all lightworkers who find it difficult to be authentic & trust their voice & gifts & also have difficulties in getting aligned clients.”

    Introducing the Empowered Soul Service Blueprint - Your Path to Abundance

    Join our 5-week online program to:

    • Empower yourself to stay true to your business priorities and take consistent aligned actions towards your North Star.
    • Create your services from a place of trust, surrender, grounded confidence, and a strong connection to your inner wisdom.
    • Shift from hustle to ease, aligning your journey with your soul’s calling.
    • Launch your programs using your unique strategies and systems, building a steady stream of clients and income.

    What Sets This Program Apart?

    This program is deeply rooted in transformative, healing work. It's a collective journey where you will:

    • ✨ Uncover and Transform: The root memory standing in your way of living your most abundant life, utilizing my powerful intuitive transformation coaching, shadow work, and energy healing gifts.
    • ✨ Heal the Soul Contract: That has created the fear of success and caused you to self-sabotage in taking consistent aligned action.
    • ✨ Address the Saviour Shadow: The need to prioritize others over your needs and dreams.
    • ✨ Shift Masculine Patterns: From needing to work hard to a more feminine, relaxed, and intuitive approach.

    Testimonial from Charlotte: “Mariam is excellent at tuning into energy at a deep level to reveal what is there, what needs releasing, and being able to do release work for her clients. She is extremely invested in providing the deepest level of healing for her clients."

    You Get To Empower Yourself with:

    • 🌟 Activating Your Unique Energy Management Tools
    • 🌟 Deeper Connection with Yourself
    • 🌟 Honoring your needs and feminine cycles.
    • 🌟 Taking action aligned with your calling.
    • 🌟 Intuition and Higher Self Connection: 
    • 🌟 Establishing strong energetic boundaries
    • 🌟 Feeling worthy to live your most abundant life.
    • 🌟 Making your own decisions confidently.
    • 🌟 Keeping yourself accountable and self-motivated.
    • 🌟 Intuitive Business Structures for easy business management.

    If you've invested in numerous courses yet lack the clarity and confidence to monetize your healing and creative gifts into Client Transformation, it's because of your sensitive nature. This program is here to empower you, aligning you to confidently serve your soul's purpose, leaving a legacy of impact.

    Imagine a Year from Now...

    You're standing in your lane, focusing on building your empire and fulfilling your legacy work. You have clear direction and purpose, taking soul-aligned action with ease and grace. Daily challenges provide direction and momentum for your next most aligned step in your business. You stay true to yourself, saying no to distractions and energy vampires effortlessly. Your unique strategy brings in consistent clients and income. You feel confident in selling your services because you are clear on the transformation and value your programs provide. You feel worthy and deserving of living your most abundant and successful life.

    If you're committed to making your business and mission a priority, and this service is calling you, sign up today.

    The program's value is worth over $2000, but you can join today for only $197. As it's still in the pilot phase, when I host it again, it will be approximately $1000.

    What's Included in This Program:

    • 5 Modules with pre-recorded training, each containing 5 short lessons and a Guided Healing Visualization.
    • 5 x Group live intuitive guidance and healing sessions via Zoom.
    • Exercises to implement for maximum benefit, putting your learning into action.
    • Completed exercises enter a draw to win a 60-minute Intuitive guidance session with me.
    • Join our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals.

    Your Dream of Launching and Monetizing Your Course Is Within Reach

    Testimonial From Becky: "After working with Mariam in her programs, I started to promote my business with confidence and started feeling joy and ease to share my healing gifts. I'm able to say that I am a Medium and not hide this gift. I have let go of the fear of being judged. I am realizing my value and the value of the service I offer. I am allowing myself to be paid my worth! I manifested my own beautiful office space and a desk I love. I trusted that I would have the income to pay the rent. I am more confident to put myself out there and advertise."

    We understand the importance of turning your passion into profit. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to live your most abundant life while serving from the soul, then you're in the right place.

    Would you be interested in learning more?

    Let's embark on this journey together. Leave a comment or send a message to get started. Your abundance and fulfillment await.

    Disclaimer: Trust your intuition and guidance on whether this program aligns with your path. We believe that making money is important when it serves your higher purpose.

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