Make Peace With Your Grief

A powerful yet affordable service that helps one to heal a deep pain or grief, and open up to love and live again. Supporting one to take the steps in creating a happier and more fulfilling life true to their needs and desires. 

Are you feeling stuck in moving forward after a breakup, grief over a death of a loved one, divorce, or the loss of anything?

Are you feeling blocked in finding true love, in loving yourself or your partner?

Or your health has been really down, you may be picking up extra weight or feel something is really wrong with you.

You don't feel worthy, have no self-confidence, and cannot make decisions on your own?

And, deep down, you have this knowing that this pain is asking you to start living a more purposeful life!

Are you ready to heal your grief, make peace with the painful memories and learn the lessons this struggle is here to teach you?

Many of my clients come to me, not sure if healing is possible. They may have worked with other coaches and didn't get lasting results. They move forward and then have 10 steps back syndrome!

Well, I have uncovered the path to lasting results. 

It's a loop, and they are layers we need to move through. after a session with me and by doing the work, I give you,  you  move through the next layer with ease 

I use a unique framework and I have the ability to see beyond the 3d reality and support you to become aware of the role you took and the false self you created to be safe. Once you take responsibility for your role and surrender the false, the healing is complete. with lasting results.

At the end of the program;

You start to feel whole because you now connect more to your true self.

You stay true to your feelings, and intuitions making your own decisions.

You stand up for what you want, without feeling guilty, and with confidence.

You start having more focus and direction in living your happy, healthy, and purposeful life.

Case Study - A client uncovered how she disconnected from her true self during a traumatic childhood memory and how she lost touch with her feelings. She decided to take on a tough role to not let her mom see her as weak.

She was able to process the grief and anger she held within her for such a long time and walked away knowing it was okay to cry. Okay to be weak and vulnerable. and that being tough and strong was what was really affecting her health.

She was also able to take back the power she gave to her fears and started saying, Yes to living her happy and purposeful life

She walked away feeling safe and supported. She learned to trust in a higher power and was able to develop a stronger connection with her creator.

She brought in a more focused direction to pursue her passions and purpose in life

She stopped feeling scattered and had more concentration.

She felt light and free....she said it was like a huge cloud was lifted from her.



This offer is for you if;

You want to learn the lessons these struggles are here to teach you

Deep down, you may feel this pain asking you to start living a more meaningful life and serve a higher purpose.

You want to feel free and happy and permit yourself to live life to its fullest once again!

Book my 5-session package!

Make Peace With Your Grief!

Cost - $697

Package Includes;

  • 5 x 90 min sessions 
  • Email follow-up and accountability
  • Distant Healing!
  • Bonus follow-up session after 3 weeks of program completion


"I was overwhelmed with the loss of a parent and needed help dealing with my emotions. Alhamdulillah, at the end of our grief session, I started feeling so much better and at peace with myself. Mariam empowered me with how to use the 99 names of Allah and draw Allah's help. I left the session with a new empowered mindset, that I need to do what makes me happy and not worry about what anyone else has to say. I recommend working with Mariam so that you can get professional assistance to deal with your emotions. She has a good way of making the client comfortable so that they can open up and speak about what is bothering them. Her grief sessions made a big difference for me and helped me step away from the lost reserved girl into a more confident young woman”. - Hanah

Beautiful Mariam! Thank You for the deep and meaningful grief work that you helped me through the loss of my baby Harry. You really helped to release and surrender and that led to my beautiful rainbow baby, and now my baby to become in 3 weeks. You will always have a special place in my heart - Cindy 

I had a lot of fears that were subconsciously stopping me. But after working with the amazing healer and coach Mariam Safla I feel so FREE from my fears of success and freedom - Jabeen

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11 Modules



In this module all that you need to help you get the best out of this package.

How to get the best out of the program?

In this module, you will find written, audio, and video training that will support you in getting ready to get the best out of this program. Please go through all of them and keep notes as well!

Session 1 - Intention setting and Vision Alignment

In this session we will dive into the root of the problem and get clear on the specific intentions and visions we will focus on in the program.

Session 3 - Intuitive healing and integration

Session 5 - Intuitive Healing and Integration

Bonus Session - 3 week Follow up and Next steps

Modules for this service 11
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