Blog Choosing Heart Centered Service. From Ego to Essence

Choosing Heart Centered Service. From Ego to Essence


Hey there, it's me! Today, I'm thrilled to share a profound insight that struck me after an empowering live call within the Empowered Soul Service program. It all started with a question from one of our program members that left me pondering over a crucial aspect many of us grapple with – manifesting money.

For the longest time, I was averse to the question of manifesting money because my focus was always on providing value and sparking transformation. But I felt there might be an underlying fear or block within me that I needed to unravel. So, I delved deep into my inner world using a unique compass strategy I share exclusively with my Empowered Soul Service members.

What unfolded during this introspective journey was profound. I accessed soul memories and witnessed a pivotal moment where souls, including many from our group, made a pact. They pledged to only work from the heart. It was incredible; gardens of abundance sprouted around them as they radiated from their heart. 

Then came another group, solely fixated on wealth acquisition. They were surrounded by opulence, yet at the core, I saw misery and darkness engulfing them. It became clear – their focus on wealth was overshadowed by ego traits like greed and control, leaving them in a state of inner turmoil.

Their way out was to change their intention, shifting from seeking wealth to embarking on a journey of self-purification. This realization stems from my two-decade-long commitment to self-purification, and from helping clients via my 1:1 signature programs transforming shadow and ego traits into a radiant golden light. Now servicing them to take aligned and consistent actions in monetising their spiritual gifts, in the Empowered Soul Service Blueprint

The Empowered Soul Service isn't about selling light; it's about offering powerful transformation. It's about nurturing your unique seed of potential planted within you by a higher force. It's about aligning with your legacy work, living abundantly, and manifesting your divine potential. 

We've seen incredible shifts in members' mindsets, from self-doubt to productivity, from procrastination to consistent action-taking, from feeling responsible for others to giving their lifework a priority. They have embraced self-discipline, self-forgiveness, and peace. Aware of their sabotaging patterns and moving forward from alignment

If you're feeling drawn to aligning with your authentic self and manifesting your divine potential, perhaps it's time we explore the possibility of working together. If this resonates with you, let's connect and explore the path to aligning with your most authentic and divine self. 🌟

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With love and light, Mariam 


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