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Title: Unlock Your Inner Power and Charge Confidently - Join My Empowered Soul Service Program!

Introduction Hey, everyone! I'm thrilled to discuss a topic that resonates with many spiritual workers, healers, and individuals like you. Right now, I'm on a mission to help those of you who've already conquered significant struggles in your life and are ready to shine your light, share your unique gifts, and monetize your healing abilities to create a meaningful transformation for your clients.

Do you ever feel like you need to keep doing inner work, continually healing yourself, or becoming a better version of yourself before you can confidently charge for your services? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

I've been there myself, and I completely understand the challenges and fears that come with this belief. My own journey began in my 20s, and my thirst for growth and self-improvement is still unquenched today. I'm continually learning and investing in my personal development, always doing the inner work.

There was a time when I focused solely on inner work and didn't serve clients. During this period, I noticed that things hardly shifted for me. I felt stuck in an endless loop of self-improvement, constantly needing more healing.

I wanted to share the unique gifts I had with the world, but I kept delaying it. At that time, I was running my own private Islamic school, and I kept telling myself that someday, I'd be able to dedicate myself fully to my healing work. In 2014, I was blessed with my fifth pregnancy, and I took it as an opportunity to finally close my school. Within a year, I launched my healing practice, my journey to serving clients began, but it wasn't without its challenges. I started with single sessions, and consistency was elusive. I felt a sense of fulfillment but knew I needed to create a more structured approach.

So, I ventured into the world of online business, invested in various coaching programs, and explored different strategies until it finally clicked. I realized that I needed to sell a transformation, not my individual services. Instead of promoting Journey or Energy Healing sessions, I started offering to help my clients let go of the holds that prevented them from pursuing their life's passions.

Since then, I've had consistent clients, and something incredible happened. As I helped my clients address their challenges, it awakened something within me that required further inner work. This process was like leveling up in a video game. I had been working on myself, battling my inner demons, and freeing myself. But it was only when I started helping others with their battles that I truly advanced.

I realized that, as lightworkers, our growth is intricately tied to the transformations we facilitate in others. It's akin to a computer game where you can only progress to the next level when you help someone else overcome the challenges you've conquered. You share your knowledge and offer to guide them through their journey, helping them make a powerful decision to transform their lives.

From this story, I want you to grasp three crucial points:

1. Share Your Transformation: Doing inner work and learning is essential, but to reach higher levels, you must share the knowledge and help others experience the transformations you've achieved.

"When you give of your knowledge the knowledge you require to move forward will be given to you, and when you hold back from giving your knowledge, the knowledge you need to move forward will be held back from you." - Mariam Safla

2. Serve the Transformation: If you've experienced transformation, no matter how small, share it. You're not promoting your gifts; you're promoting the transformation itself.

3. Anchor Your Inner Work: Your inner work solidifies when you impart the transformation to others, breaking the cycle.

This approach makes it easier to charge for your services. You're not selling healing gifts; you're offering a valuable transformation to your clients. The shift and transformation occur when your clients also provide something of value in return. Charging for your services is about maintaining balance and respecting the exchange. There are exceptions, but we'll delve deeper into that in my upcoming program.

In my upcoming program, I'm going all-in to help spiritual workers align with their true purpose, anchor it in their life, and confidently make money by selling the valuable transformations their clients need. It's not just about business foundations; it's about energetic foundations.

These foundations include:

  • Alignment and following intuitive wisdom.
  • Focusing and saying no to distractions.
  • Belief and grounded confidence.
  • Trust and the knowledge that you are divinely supported.

By taking aligned, intuitive, and inspired action, you'll monetize your services with confidence. You'll move away from hustle and hard work, transitioning to selling from a place of intuition, trust, surrender, flow, and a relaxed approach to doing business. You'll honor your needs and feminine cycles, achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

If you're ready to unlock your inner power and charge confidently for your transformative services, my Empowered Soul Service Program is here for you. Join me on this journey, and together, we'll make a lasting impact on the world.

Learn More - Empowered Soul service

Thank You for reading my posts. Please share your takeaways in the comments or leave a message if you would like to connect 

Until Next Time

Keep shining Your Light!


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