Blog Lessons in Forgiveness and Self Love

Lessons in Forgiveness and Self Love


Title: Healing Generational Wounds: Lessons in Forgiveness and Self-Love


In the journey of healing and self-discovery, there are moments that shine like beacons of understanding and transformation. These moments, which I like to call "glow moments," reveal profound insights into the human experience. Today, I want to share two of these glow moments from my healing sessions, which have illuminated the path to forgiveness, self-love, and breaking the cycle of generational wounds.

Glow Moment 1: Generational Wounds and Forgiveness

One of these moment occurred when a client expressed feelings of being unloved and ignored by her mother. As we delved deeper into the forgiveness phase of the journey, something extraordinary unfolded. My client began to see that her mother, too, carried the same wound, passed down through generations like an heirloom.

This revelation was a clear sign that this wound was not hers alone but part of a generational pattern. It highlighted the importance of addressing and healing these wounds to prevent them from perpetuating into future generations.

The Teaching: Understanding the Perpetrator's Role

The second vital teaching that emerged from this process revolves around the roles people play in our lives. I believe we enter this world with soul contracts, choosing what we need to learn and grow. To facilitate these lessons, someone often takes on the role of the "perpetrator," behaving in a way that challenges us to learn and evolve.

For instance, if our lesson is to learn self-love, someone significant may play the role of not loving us, ignoring us, or making us feel unwanted. They do this to help us learn how to love and accept ourselves. By understanding that they are playing a role in our growth, it becomes easier to forgive and make peace.

Until we find forgiveness and true peace, we remain bound by these patterns. Once we make peace, it becomes easier to internalize the lessons we need to learn.

Empowering Transformations with Inner Guides

I love how my clients are supported by their own inner guidance to understand these negative roles, people play in their lives. They are guided and supported by their inner guides, who offer beautiful gifts to help them embody these lessons. These gifts pave the way for new, healthier beliefs and mindsets that propel them toward a life filled with more joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

Glow Moment 2: Finding Forgiveness and Self-Value

Another profound glow moment occurred when a client found deep forgiveness and peace regarding her past experiences of sexual abuse. During the forgiveness process, her perpetrator acknowledged his actions and expressed genuine remorse. This acknowledgment opened the door to gratitude within her.

Seeing the lesson behind the pain, my client realized that her perpetrator's role was to teach her the value of self-worth. The act of hearing an apology allowed her to feel grateful for this acknowledgment. This newfound gratitude led her to recognize her intrinsic value.

As she embraced her self-worth, she gained the confidence to share her gifts with the world and serve others. Her journey of healing and self-discovery became a testament to the transformative power of forgiveness.

The Importance of Uncovering and Transforming Root Memories

These glow moments highlight the significance of uncovering and transforming the root memories that underlie our present struggles. They emphasize the importance of having a facilitator guide us toward true forgiveness and peace. By releasing the unhealthy decisions and beliefs we formed during traumatic childhood experiences, we can make room for new, healthier beliefs that propel us toward our goals and dreams.

Affirming Our Way Forward

In closing, I invite you to affirm with me:

"I am lovable, I am loved for who I am. The world is a beautiful place. It is filled with joy and happiness. I vibrate with positivity and have an abundance of love for myself and others."

Until next time, remember that your journey toward healing, forgiveness, and self-love is a radiant path illuminated by glow moments like these.

With love, Mariam


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